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Gravity casting machines for Aluminum



TCB Tilt Casting Bench for Aluminum

It’s a tilting bench of simple but sturdy structure, designed for the gravity die casting with horizontal split dies, especially for intake manifolds , safety parts, such as suspensions, knuckles, motorbike forks, etc…. In the casting unloading, core settings and ready for pouring positions, the bench presents itself with horizontal split die and moving side block on the upper part. Movements such as: • Open / close of side block • Upper-casting ejection • Tilting through 90° are hydraulically actuated. The tilting is controlled via encoder, so as to vary the casting curve (bench rotation speed) as required. It is possible to accommodate dies of different travels, from 250 mm onward, considering that the side block travel is 450 mm. Die fixing on the machine is manual, via screws inserted in the T-slots of the machine platens. Two water cooling circuits are included, with temperature control by means of two thermocouples, and the water flow is managed by two solenoid




designed for the gravity die casting with vertical split dies



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