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Distillation equipment and wastewater evaporation equipment



distillation equipment

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distillation equipment
Formeco distillation equipment generally has more heating capacity than others.  Their total volumetric capacity is also greater, reducing boil-over and resulting in a better distillation. Air-over condensing on the smaller units means no auxiliary cooling supply is required.

wastewater evaporators
Wastewater Evaporators
10 liters per hour thru 100 liters per hour, using the "heat pump" concept for maximum recovery for minimum operating expense.  Larger systems thru 3000 liters per hour using hot water or steam, double and triple effect systems available.
distillation equipment
Small Distillation Equipment
12 liter (3.0 gallons) capacity through 180 liter (47 gallons) capacity.
water proof distillation equipment
Water Proof Distillation Units
For water based products, inks, and non-explosive products.
large distillation systems
Large Distillation Units
120 liter (31 gallons) capacity through 1000 liter (261 gallons) capacity
industrial distillation equipment
Industrial Distillation Systems
For distillation systems of up to 8000 liters per cycle.  Greater sizes upon customer request.


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