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Manual Grinding machines and grinding equipment

Flexible Shaft Grinders:  These Flexible shaft grinder are for deburring, grinding and polishing. Flexible shaft grinders come as bench top units, hanging, with wheels, and so on, with shaft diameters up to one inch and up to 2.5 horsepower. 6 different configurations!
LN Dual head grinder:  Dual head pedestal that can also have a combination of grinding head and polishing mop wheels.
LN1 Abrasive belt grinder:  Single head grinder with motors from 2.2 kW to 3 kW.
LN1-RS Abrasive grinder with contact roller:  Single roller contact wheel / roller with pivot height adjustment for operator comfort.
ARETUSA Belt Grinding Machines:   The ARETUSA series is a one motor pedestal grinder base that can be configured with disc grinding, flat belt sanding or grinding in either vertical or horizontal position, contact wheel belt grinding, or a combination of each.
Auriga C 2 wheel grinder:  Contact wheel abrasive belt grinding pedestal. Belt drive. 3 speed, 6 speed, or variable speed drive.
Andromeda pedestal grinder:  Pedestal belt grinding and buffing/polishing machines, suitable for two users  Independent shafts with belt drive. Wheel protection hoods and belt protection guard with suction points.  Self braking motors with emergency brake.  Cast iron frame.
Auriga L Dual Wheel Grinder:  Belt grinders on pedestal for work on contact wheel and free belt. Belt drive. 3 speed, 6 speed, or variable speed drive.
SDB Pedestal Belt Grinder:  Direct drive pedestal grinding with contact wheels. Single speed, double speed, or variable speed drive.
Altair 3 Swing Belt Grinder:  Free belt grinder on pedestal with adjustable height. Can use contact wheels or contact rollers to gouge and shape.
Altair 4 Swing Belt Grinder:  Slack belt / Free belt grinder on pedestal with pivot for adjustable height.  Contact wheels and free belt for grinding, sanding and shaping.
Astro 1 Vertical Free Belt Sander:  Table top belt sander with free belt / slack belt. 2 inch wide sanding belt and a 1.5 horsepower motor.
Astro 2 Vertical Free Belt Sander:  Bench base belt sander with free belt. 2 inch wide sanding belt and a 2 horsepower motor.
Astro 3 Vertical Free Belt Sander:  Bench base belt sander with free belt / slack belt. 2 inch wide sanding belt and a 3 horsepower motor.
LN1-P Horizontal Belt Grinder:  Horizontal Flat abrasive belt grinder and sander.
Model SM Pedestal Grinders:  Dual wheel pedestal grinders with one motor. From 6 inch to 15 inch diameter grinding wheels. 1 hp to 4 hp, 3 phase motors. From 78 to 101 surface feet per second.
Tool Post Grinding Heads:  Grinding heads for tool post application on lathes. Pressure adjusting for grinding pressure.
Pendant / Pendulum Grinder:  PD 132 Series Swing Frame Grinding Machine  and Pendulum Polishing Machine.

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