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Rotary Table and in line polishing and grinding machines

   SP Grinding Machine for Flat :  7.5 k.W flat surface grinding with automatic feed.  For parts thicknesses to 160mm (6.25 inches) up to 1500mm (59 inches) long.  Belt width is 150mm (6 inches).  Machine dimensions are 2900mm high by 2500mm long (144 inches x 98 inches.  Working height is 1000mm (39 inches) from floor. 

Available from one grinding head to 12 grinding heads, all on one grinding machine.  Four grinding units shown at left.

SPA  Reciprocating Table
Polishing Machine:

Fully programmable and monitored polishing parameters.  Available in different sizes tailor made to customer specific requests, this polishing machine can be realized with one or two polishing heads and various options and ancillary equipment, such as special loading system, vacuum holding device, etc..

Robotic Cells for Polishing and Grinding:  Robotics can be used to automate the polishing process utilizing what would be considered standard polishing equipment.  With the use of a robot, you achieve the same end result each time you polish, removing the discrepancies of human error or manipulation.
If you are looking for a process to polish or grind to the highest tolerances, robotics is an easy choice.  Automation for palletizing the product is available for autonomous operation of the polishing cell.

Rotary Table Polishing Machines:  

Model TR, available in multiple head configurations.  Table index and part rotation speed is adjustable.  Automatic clamping or manual clamping of the part to be polished.


ST Centerless Grinder / Centerless Polisher:

The tube Grinding Head is mounted on an adjustable slide for the manual adjustment of tube or pipe diameter.  Adjusting handles are located at the front of the machine. The grinding motor is standard: 7.5 HP.,1500 RPM.

This same tube grinding machine can be fitted with buffing wheels for Buffing and polishing of tube and pipe.

Safety cabin is also available.

STP Centerless Polishing Machine:

The Polishing mop head is mounted on an adjustable slide for the adjustment of tube or pipe diameter being polished.  Available with one. two or more polishing heads, as required.  Safety cabin is also available. 

STO Tube Polishing / Grinding System:

Available with belt grinding and mirror polishing units, floating type with independent set up and adjustable and controlled pressure, to achieve a perfect grade of surface finishing even on non- straight and round product.  

Advanced control panel with full set up of the machine obtained the simple input of the diameter.

STL Tube Polishing Machine:

This tube polishing machine can be equipped with one or more polishing units and can be sized to customer pipe or tube diameter and length.  All the working parameters such as number of polishing passes, polishing pressure, and polishing speed are automated and programmable by operator panel.  It is the only tube and pipe polishing machine able to work on round and squares tube and pipe, or shaped profiles, with programmable indexing and rotation of the pieces during the polishing  process.

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