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Shot blasting machines and shotblasting equipment



hook type shot blasting machine

PG Series
HOIST CAPACITIES FROM 0,5 UP TO 10 TON. Standard equipment: automatic doors, inlet / outlet automatic conveying system. Optional: variable speed wheels - Self propelled trolleys, switch point conversion, computerized control with program memory, hook capacity over 10 TON.

hoist typr shot blasting machine

PG Series Hook Type
HOOK CAPACITIES FROM 400 UP TO 1000 KGS. Standard equipment: automatic doors, inlet/outlet automatic conveying system. Optional: adjustable wheel speeds – Motorized trolleys, exchange device on monorail, computerized control with program memory.

shot blasting machine for wire bar and tube

SF Series
“In line” for shot blasting of wire and bar. Choice of 2, 3, 4 or 6 turbine wheels. Engineered for continuous shot blasting applications.
conveyorized shot blasting machines
STL Series
SHOT BLASTING MACHINES FOR ALUMINUM AND FORGINGS. Also available for  shot blasting of marble. These machines (pass-trough type) are equipped with a wire mesh conveyor belt, shot blasting wheels, and an automatic system for vacuum to eliminate dust. Conveyor width from 600 mm to 1000 mm. As an option, speed and position of the wheels as well as the shot placement can be selectable from a control panel where the parameters most appropriate for the product being shot blasted are stored. An air blow device provides the perfect cleaning of the material at the end of the cycle
tumbling shot blasting machine with steel belt
TA Series
BLAST CLEANING ROTARY TUMBLER WITH STEEL SLATS CONVEYOR. Wheel type shot blast machines with centrifugal projection of shot-having a very efficiency. Suitable for treatment of medium size pieces in cast-iron, steel, bronze, etc. Foundation not required.
tumbling shot blasting machine with rubber belt
TG Series
RUBBER CONVEYOR SHOT BLASTING MACHINE. Wheel type shot blasting machine with centrifugal projection of shot having a very high efficiency. Suitable for treatment of castings and medium size pieces in cast-iron, steel, aluminum, bronze, etc. Foundation not required.
continuous shot blasting systems
GSA Series
SHOT BLASTING MACHINES WITH OVERHEAD CONVEYOR. Various types of conveyors are available: · Step by step or continuously motioned; both “Power and Free” or with running hoists.
shot blasting of steel plate and structural steel
Horizontal Series
SHOT BLASTING OF PLATE STEEL AND STRUCTURAL STEELS. Available with both heating and automatic painting. From 800mm long x 500mm high to 2500mm long x 1000mm high.


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